Operations Support 

Supporting you / all the way

Corporate & Financial Support

When is best to raise capital? Who to go to? 

When is best to internalise ressources? 

Creating a product is difficult, funding it also, but more importantly, doing it right is crucial. 

Through our years of experience funding and organising startups, we can help you make the right decisions for your business and finding the best possible partners to have the means to succeed. 

We also help you recruit and bring up to speed new technical staff so you can internally manage your project and secure your know-how internally when the time is right for you. 

Project & Technical Operations

Building a prototype is one thing, managing an industrial process is another. 

Leverage our tools and experience to ensure you get things right the first time and get all the tools you need and when you need them. This will help you structure and organise your production, your teams and better supervise your vendors and partners. 

We help you all the way by providing you the appropriate tools and put the processes in place for you to manage afterwards, including:  

Factory & Repair Center

Choosing your manufacturing and repair vendors is one of the most strategic decision you will have to make. 

Our experience working with the world leading EMS along with small local manufacturers, make our approach consistent to drive and complete your production strategy. 

Location site choice is always critical and factory line re-localisation is not taboo anymore, many customers are really sensitive to proximity and reactivity. We will help you find the best partner and best location for your production depending on your goals and markets. 

Customer care services and repair centres, including risk management and testing strategy are also key to your long term success. 

Together, we can help you define the best strategy, going from small production batches to high volume production, logistics and repairs.