Proof of Concept

Get your demonstrator working quickly



Off the shelf modules to get a Proof of Concept quickly in your hands

In most cases, using an existing board will save time and money, the best solution for a quick POC. 

You get to see your product much faster, make fact based decisions and better design your final solution.  



Pre-developed software designed for quick integration

Leverage pre-developed software modules to lower your design costs and speed up your go to market. 

AI, localization, real-time video, RF communication, CI and more. 



Pre-tested electronics components  from our manufacturing partners

Working with 100's of hardware manufacturers we can help you deci which are the best for your budget and use cases.

Benefit from this experience when you build up your BOM.  



Custom mechanical and electronics integration for prototyping

We design your custom electronics (EE) and mechanical (ME) parts, for small or large batches. 

We always work with production in mind to reduce reworking prior to mass production.

Irrespective of which stage you are at, we can come in and secure your design for the next step